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My name is Lukas Patterson and I am the chef and owner of Lukes Cafe. My life has been a whirlwind of rock and roll and culinary arts. When I was 10 I became obsessed with guitar then at 14 I started my first kitchen job . At 18 I went to culinary school. Since then I have taken my two passions and seen them through enough to tour the country with my band Star City Meltdown and open my own restaurant in my home town. My food is hugely influenced by art of all kinds. These days I work and enjoy my home life with my wife Amanda my kids Parker and Jovi-Jett and my Boston Terriers Bosti and Blu. I am determined to open Luke's Cafes in many cities and small towns. As for now we are perfecting our processes and brand. My family, coworkers, and I truly thank you for your support of our small business. Thank You!    

A culture of Music and Food
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